Noticias | Sara Bernabeu
Sara Bernabeu es bailarina, actriz y acróbata aérea profesional. Artista multidisciplinar que actualmente desarrolla su trabajado como intérprete, coreógrafa y docente.
Sara Bernabeu, Danza aérea, Bailarina, Actriz, Acróbata aérea, artista
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Aerial hoop performance.


Os presento mi nuevo vídeo de danza aérea en aro.

Dinner Show Astoria

April – May 2018. Barcelona

From April 13, until ends of May I will be every Friday night as aerial dancer at the Astoria’s dinner show.

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The Cinderella show at the Coliseum Theatre

6-22 July 2017. Barcelona

From 6 until 22 of July I will be playing The cinderella role at the Cinderella show, with the company "La Fiesta Escénica" at the Coliseum Theatre (Barcelona).

Cartel de la cenicienta

Moros & Cristianos Alcoy 

22 April 2017. Alcoy (Alicante)

On 22 April, I had the pleasure to make an aerial hoop & oriental dance performance fusion for the patron saint festivities.

Private event at "el Molino"

11 March 2017. Barcelona

On 11 March, I was performing in the Molino theatre celebrating 25 years of there Paddock Bar.

Dinner Show “La Diosa”

February-April 2017. Sabadell (Barcelona)

From February 10, until ends of April I will be every Friday as dancer and aerial acrobat at the "La Diosa" Sabadell restaurant dinner show.

American Circus

December 2016 – January 2017. Barcelona

Dancer and aerial acrobat during December and January in the American Circus.

International Film Festival & Awards

December 2017. Macao (China)

Opening ceremony in the International Film Festival & Awards. Macao (China), making a contemporary dance and videotaping show, with the company Sacude & Tigrelab.