Sara Bernabeu - Aerial dancer : BIO | Danza Aérea
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Twelve years ago I wrote, “We all have goals and work hard to achieve them, it is our raison d’être and we’re happy to fight for them. It is like a dream that keeps our mind occupied all day, and we make efforts to fulfil this dream”. I was 16 then and decided that it was the right moment to pack a suitcase and start the journey that I had wanted for so long. Motivated by the innocent desire to make my mark on the world, and with unconditional support from my parents throughout my career, I moved to Valencia to start my official studies in dance.


During this period I lived in different cities until finally settling in Barcelona. With a professional degree in Contemporary Dance and a B.Sc. in Educational Psychology, I has also received training in acting and aerial dance including aerial hoop, aerial silk, trapeze, rope and vertical dance. Currently, I am working as a freelance aerial dance teacher and artist, choreographing and producing my own creations.


My short and intense experience in this world has made me what I am now. It is fascinating how at the beginning of my career, without knowing what the future held, I described this journey like the flight of a dream, that flight that characterizes my movement. For me the magic of aerial dance is like a light, gentle and elegant flight of a butterfly, those that Silvio Rodriguez described as “silent dancers”.


As the prestigious dancer Martha Graham once said, “Our arms start at the back because they were wings before”, wings to fly, to give life to our dreams, to dance with the wind...”